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Saving sharks through Mucus

We are very excited to be able to announce that we have today launched our shark mucous sampling project which has been made possible through initial funding support from Sea-Changers. 

With scientific institution support, the project objective is to collect circa 250 mucous samples which will be held in a long term storage facility to await analysis.

With up to 20 sub samples being available from a single mucous sample, this project has the potential to provide material for 5000 individual areas of study.

The samples will be made available to scientific organisations who are pursuing relevant areas of study and will enable DNA, stable isotope and fatty acid analysis which will assist with population, kinship and other areas of study.

Sharks are classed as a data poor species so any information obtained will help underpin successful national and international shark fisheries management.

Recreational sea angling charter skippers will be trained in a non invasive mucous collection technique and collect the mucous samples from a number of shark species caught and released by recreational sea anglers. 

As we progress through this exciting project we will post updates on this blog.

For more information or if you are a charter skippers who wants to take part in this project contact us. We will be contacting our contributing skippers soon to arrange training.

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